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About Us

Welcome to the Family! 

As a busy mom, I found that many unexpected situations continually popped-up and left me rushed to react.  Although, on the surface it appeared I was organized, underneath I was frantically moving to keep afloat! Whew...way too much stress! Yes, I also realized that my stress was often self-inflicted!  Overtime, I learned that I could stop the madness by having items "ready to go," and stashed in my "secret cupboard." These items could be quickly accessed and eliminate the need to rush around!

Momma's Secret Cupboard was established with the BUSY Mom (and Dad!) in mind. Momma's mission is to provide quick, easy solutions for you to be prepared for any gift or special event that comes your way.

Momma's Secret Cupboard is part of the 1926 Enterprises, LLC Family. Built upon Matthew 19:26  "With God all things are possible."